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    Left Cylinder vs. Right.

    Now that I've got the Carbs noted and dialed in, I noticed (both cylinders are healthy) that the left runs about 30 degrees to 50 degrees hotter then the right so I give the left a little more fuel to run them both at about 990. Any reason why the left is a touch hotter? Cooling maybe?

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    There may be an easy explanation but it depends on what side of the boat you are standing on when you declare left or right.

    It is best to call it front and rear so eliminate any possible misunderstanding.

    If it is the rear cylinder that is warmer it may be that you do need a little more fuel added since the front carb tends to get a little more (some engines will even need bigger jets in the rear-ie 787s).

    It could also be a varience in your EGT probes.

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