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    I want to post this in a forum where it will be seen and read so here goes...... my nylon vest is coming apart, i am in the market for the least restrictive vest around, i saw a wakeboard vest but for some reason it is not USCG approved, why is that??? does anyone on here wear a wakeboard/water ski vest?? any suggestions are welcome

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    I wear the wakeboard vest but im pushing my luck with it since yes its not USCG approved. I like its fit and its not bulky which is what i was going for but as far as function if your a bigger person good luck trying to float. Since im only a buck and a half it works for me.

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    some places you cannot weat a non USCG approved vest... mostly, they aren't even vests they just give you a bit of positive buoyancy. i wear a CWB vest that is CG apprvd it has large armholes so i don't feel constricted..

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    How can Sea Doo (BRP) make a life vest that isn't USCG approved? Do they import it from Asia or something?... Ron

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