Hey group. I have a 2005 gtx as the title states and have been having some problems with it. I wen to start it the other day (new gas, plugs, and battery) and the engine started then died with in 5 secs or so. While it was running it popped a few times then shut off. Now it wont start. The engine turns freely, I am getting 12 volts @ the coil connections with the key in place. i ohmed the coils out and from one post to the end (where the spark plug attatches)of the coil I am not getting any ohms. I know it should be reading in the kilo-ohms (forgot the value). I did test the spark and all are getting spark just not sure if it is high enough. My next step is to change the coils but thought i might through myself to the forum and see if there are any other suggestions.