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    Help with my Gennisis 1200ffi

    Well this is my first post and I am asking for help already I am a boater who bought a polaris to keep the rest of the family happy. I left the ski in the water overnight after a whole day of riding when we went to start it this morning nothing. Noticed the ski was low in the water and pushed the bilge button an d water came out for about five min the the engine wants to start but nothing. Checked the plugs they were fine what else should I do Thanks.

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    So the hull filled up with water?

    When you say you went to start it and nothing, do you mean it cranked but wouldn't start, or it won't even crank? Could you hear it trying to crank or could you hear the relay clicking when you pressed the start button?

    If you can give us some more details, we can try to walk you through figuring out what's wrong.

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    Click below for the manuals, and other useful info.

    Polaris PWC require a healthy battery. If the battery is weak or not well charged, the engine will not start. It will crank, but there will be no spark.

    Technically, the battery must deliver over 10.5 volts while cranking the engine.

    If you had water inside the hull after sitting in the water, then something is leaking. That needs to be found and fixed. These hulls normally do not leak much water when just floating.

    Check the through-hull drive shaft bearing seal, and also check that the small speedometer hose (located right under the drive shaft) is not loose, cracked, or leaking.

    Also make sure the siphon bilge hose elbows are mounted up high in the hull, and the tiny breather hole in each elbow is not clogged. Don't enlarge those holes, but make sure they are clear. Not all models have siphon bilge hoses, but if you have them, check them.

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    At first nothing no clicking or anything than after draining the bilge than the ski started to crank but it did not start up. I did look at the ski this morning and noticed one of the stabilizers (told you I am new at this) on the side was half broken off no damage to the hull. Also as far as parts for these skis where do you guys go to I did not realize polaris does not make ski anymore. Thanks

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    Polaris Service Manuals ==> Click here
    Also has links to parts sources

    Useful Polaris PWC information ==> Click here
    Lots of important info.

    Take some time to click the links and read through some of the info.

    Polaris no longer makes PWC, but they are still in business, and parts are still available, both new and used.

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