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    Questions... 94 SL750

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to the board. I picked up a 94 SL750 the other day. Hours are unknown but is running just fine. Trim works, the gauge cluster does not work, other than that it's in great shape. Ok on to the questions...

    I've been on the board for a few days reading up on the SL750s. I noticed there are a few upgrades everyone here seems to be doing. One of which is the triple fuel pump upgrade. I looked and mine looks to be stock. The fuel lines themselves look to have been replaced with black fuel line. So, how important is this upgrade? The ski is running great right now... but if I can prevent any failures I will do the upgrades. I know people are doing block off plates too and going to pre-mix. Are there that many oil injection failures?

    Also, the hull is in great shape outside. But there is a ton of grim in the inside. I cleaned everything the best I could with WD-40.. is there a good way of cleaning out the inside of the hull?

    Someone added an additional bilge pump with a switch by the gauge cluster. It doesn't work... should I just replace the pump or try to get it working? I take it that it gets wired just like any normal 12v accessory with a switch. Is having a seconday bilge pump that important?

    Lastly, if there are any MUST do performance upgrades I'm all ears.

    Thanks guys, Great site BTW!

    Since I'm close to Starved Rock I may come to your meet in Aug.


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    Hey Mike,

    Welcome to the Hulk.

    You can find info on how to clean the inside of your hull here

    The stock fuel pumps have been known to drop output over time. Since the fuel lines are wired in series and the carbs have to "fill up" one at a time, if (when) the pump output ever falls off, the Mag cylinder goes lean because it's the last one in the circuit.

    So, in my opinion, it's cheap insurance against a burned piston and it's a pretty simple swap.

    Some people swear by the oil pump block-off plates, and others say the oil pumps are very reliable. I like the oil injection myself......don't like to have to deal with pre-mix. So far, so good. Hope I don't regret it. The other advantage I've heard about staying with the pump is that it varies the ratio as needed, where with the pre-mix, you have to mix to the richest and use that all the time (not sure if that's true, but that's what I've heard).

    So you have two bilge pumps? I don't see why you would need two. I would just use one. Unless it leaks water somewhere. I wonder why someone added the 2nd pump?

    As far as upgrades go, you can add sponsons if it doesn't already have them for better handling, an extended pump for better turning/top speed, and an extended ride plate for more top speed. You can read about a lot of these on the forum.

    Good luck, and enjoy the new ski. They're a blast for relatively little investment and minimum maintenance.

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    Thanks for the info.

    Yeah, I think I'm going to stick with the oil injection for now.

    As far as the fuel pump upgrade... I'll probably order the parts in the next day or so.

    I bought the SL750 because I've heard they are pretty solid machine. The one I bought is very clean and seemed to be well maintained.

    Time will tell.

    Thanks again for the info.


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