Hey guys, i have just bought i 2001 rx, and i was wondering the best way to tilt the handlebars up. I have tried removing the plastic case around the centre of the hangers and i have loosened the 4 bolts that cramp the bars in position but once i swivelled the handlebars up and re-tightened the bolts, i couldnt get the plastic casing back on because the foam padding is not attached to the actual handlebars, meaning it does not swivel with them, which means it gets in the way when i try to re-attach the plastic case.

I have a mate with an rxpx and the handlebars are so much more comfortable up higher, it means you can stand up straight which is great for long rides out in the surf when you cant sit down. Its a killer on the back bending over to hold the hangers on my ski.

Cheers, joel.