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    Polaris 750 no spark

    Hi everyone

    I'm new to PWC and i just want to say how much great information this site contains.

    So i just got a 1994 slt 750 and it wouldn't turn over at all and the gauge wouldn't light up. I tested a bad battery, replaced it, Found a bad fuse for the digital gauge and i found that the starter selenoid was stuck so i opened it, put some lube in and now it works fine.

    Now that i have all of this in good working order the ski won'T start. i check the spark plugs and i get no spark. So i decided to go on and check the spark plugs wires cap and everything teste ok. i did put new br8es plugs in.

    i downloaded the procedures for testing all of the electrical and went at it. The stator has great numbers, the coils tested perfect, i cleaned the terminals of the wires going to the battery and the ground going to the bottom of the engine, i tested close to 0 ohms the black wire from the battery to every small black wires in the electrical box but i think i might have messed up that test because i left all the grounds connected together and have not tested them individually so i'll try that tonight see if i get different numbers.

    I cleaned all connections to the board and reclamp the wires. my battery shows 12.8 volts and gets down to 11.5 while cranking.

    I'm wondering if there's a way of testing the CDI since it's what i have narrow it down to as of right now. Any setting i could put my multimeter on and hook it up to the black - black/white wire on the CDI i see if i can get any type of reading???

    I live in East Ottawa and would like to find someone that has a spare CDI for sale or just to try it on my ski to see if it would work. Does anybody knows were i could get a good one for cheap or has another idea of what my problem could be as i want to get it running soon and don'T want to spend alot of money on it.

    Sorry for the long post and thank you.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    There is no test for the CDI. So you will have to swap it out with a known good one.

    Try John Zigler for a CDI.

    But before you do that, make sure the lanyard is installed.

    If it was installed, then remove the black withyellow stripe wire from the circuit board and try that. It will bypass the kill switch.

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    thanks xlint89.

    i alredy tried that as soon as i got home and still no sparks i will definitly try john ziggler for a CDI if i can't find something closer to me as i want to try and have it running for this week end.

    i was wondering if it was common to have a defective flywheel that could possibly give me this issue?? i try to pull it out but it's really thight and doesn't feel like it would have a sheared key and there's nothing loose down there.

    so i will go hunting for a CDI and i'll let you guys posted

    thanks again

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    The flywheel is usually Loctited on, so it's a PITA.

    It is possible the woddruff key has sheared,

    Have you tried clipping the plug wires back about 1/4" and resecuring the plug boots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by movs View Post
    ...a defective flywheel that could possibly give me this issue?...
    Even if the flywheel had shifted, it would still generate spark.


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    i did trim the wires and put new resistor end cap...didn't not help but can't do any wrong. I did not do a hall effect sensor test as i read some post about it and if i remember right it's only for the domestic engines?? Please correct me if i'm wrong and explain how to perform this test.

    i found a guy in Masham who had a couple of CDI's so i'll go there tomorrow and try them on see if it works out. wish me luck

    thanks again guys for your fast respond!!

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    Ok so here i got a new CDI real cheap and i put it in last night still no spark so i re checked everything and found out my stator was bad....i don't know if my multimeter played some tricks on me or i just didn't do it right but now i get no readings for the trigger and exciter coil??? i took it out last night and i'll try to find a good used one or should i go for a new one???

    Here's a little tip on taking of the flywheel that made it really easy for me...i u put the puller on with a little tension and i used a heat gun for body work (15$ at home depot)and heated the flywheel, the nice thing is that it doesn't make a flame so no chance for fire if the gaz thank is still there and it doesn't concentrate the heat on one spot so you can't overheat and warp the metal or melt the seal behind the stator.

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    Ok finaly got her running on the lake sunday
    starts really easly now and tons of spark

    now i have other issues!!! i put fresh plugs in (br8es) and it ran fine for the first 10-15 minutes but i couldn't go past 5000 RPM.

    after that it would bogg under acceleration until it reached it's max RPM wich is 5000

    i also notice that the engine boggs a little bit and looses RPM when turning left. i Read that this could be an fuel delevry issues?? would the triple outlet pump fix that as i do not have that upgrade.

    i don't now if the timing on the ski could keep it from going more than 5000 RPM as i just put the stator on by eye and did not adjust anything! idles at 2100 2200 RPM when on the water.
    i have 140-135 psi all across.
    the PTO and CENTER cylinder have tanish spark plug and the MAG one is a little oily and black and the Mag Cylinder also feels a bit cooler than the other two when i touch them after riding.

    Any help would be great!!

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