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Thread: FX140 blues

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    FX140 blues

    I recently bought a 2003 FX 140. It will only turn 6000 rpm at 27 mph. It pulls hard to that point and acts like it might be on child mode but I can't find a way to change it. Does anyone know if it has a child mode or what could be wrong. Thanks

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    TooOld, get yourself some diagnostic equipment!!! You will need them if you keep working on 4 stroke EFI skis!!! Playing the guessing game will just waste your (err some other fools) time and he won't make any money doing it! I think you could use diagnostic equipment more than a boring machine, and hey don't you have to spend money anyways? I have read many of your posts and I must say that you seem like a real dumb a$$!!!
    P.S. spark plugs are NOT diagnostic equipment! To the top.

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    Check your oil level. If it is even a tip over full.......the oil gets in to the air filter and cloggs it. Try running it without the air filter. It might take a few minutes to clear up. It happened to me and it happens to alot of the 4 strokes. I run mine just a tip under full. If that is the problem order a riva or r&d filter. These dont clog up from oil.

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    put about 200ml of metholated sprirts in the fuel tank,

    possibly clogged injectors or water in the fuel tank,
    metho should clear this out,


    check your impeller. could be cavitating

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    part out your engine to me.

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    Five 0 was right

    Had to take it to the dealer The diagnostic machine said it had low fuel pressure after cleaning the tank, replacing the injectors, the spark lugs and the air filter I am up to 52 mph for 1234.00.

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    anyone have any riva v stacks they would like to sell. need some asap

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