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    Ultra 150 Jet Pump

    After cleaning up the choke system on my 00 Ultra 150 so it worked (why would they not make the discs out of stainless???) I took it out for a ride and on my way home had a failure of some sort. The engine would rev freely with something in the driveline rattling. At idle, it still made some push, enough to get me home slowly. The failure was sudden while accelerating to around 50mph. I tried to do some reseach and it looks as if the driveline is pretty solid. A few questions...

    On the impeller end, it looks like a splined shaft into the impeller. Any common failures in this area?

    On the engine end it looks like 2 interlocking toothed metal plates with a rubber isolator. I have not yet pulled it apart. Does the metal engage metal and the rubber is just for damping or it the rubber part of the driveline that can fail?

    Its weird to me that the pump still ran at idle yet could not rev up with the engine.

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    Your pump bearings and seals are gone in the pump. I am 100% sure because I have an '05 Ultra 150 with the same problem. Whatever you do, do not send it to Impros. I did and they gave me the old style bearings that lasted 20-30 hours, and you guessed **** what happened. Send your pump to Skiworx, they are the Ultra 150 gurus that can put the new style bearings in there that will last 100+ hours. The pump is the the worst part of the Ultra because it has to be so small and produce so much power to fit on the small hull. Call Skiworx for any of your Ultra needs. Number is 410-766-7900 and website is

    Skiworx Watercraft Performance
    512 N. Crain Hwy. Bay 11
    Glen Burnie, MD 21061 USA

    410-766-7990 Fax.

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    ^ +1. Call Steve @ Skiworx today!

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    Pull your pump off and check it out. As already stated your pump bearings may be gone. There is also the possibility you spun the impeller off the pump shaft.

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    man steve modded my pump with new berrings,an made a world of difference!

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