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    Polaris SL 750 Electrical Help??

    I just got a "95 Polaris Sl 750 that seems to run great. I'm new to the jet ski world and really love this thing. After having it on the water this weekend, everything seemed to be in good shape other than the MFD is not working or the Trim. I have been looking at other posts here and have checked the fuse in the electrical box and thats about it. Any ideas where to start and get this troubleshooted in the right direction?

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    Search for trim subjects and/or below

    Polaris 1993-2001 Trim Motor- Troubleshoot/Replace/Repair Info.

    The following information is offered from knowledge I recently gleaned from a recent in- operatable trim situation.

    The MFD (gage) was showing that the Trim was working, but I discovered that it was not.
    Disconnect the Battery !

    The motor is controlled by two wires coming from the Electrical Box.

    Open the Electrical Box. Chances you will find corrosion on some or all of the terminals. Naturally that needs to be addressed. I cleaned mine first by scraping and then using a solution of Baking Soda/Water and then cleaned with water and left to dry. Then followed by Dielectric Grease.

    Removing the wires completely form the Electrical Box is difficult, due to the way that they are clamped and secured. But it is straight forward if you take your time.

    Using an external battery, connect the trim wires to the battery. The trim motor should run. Then switch position of the wires and the motor should run the other direction. Check to see if the Nozzle is actually moving Up and Down.

    If the motor runs in both directions, then the problem is elsewhere in the control system.

    Remove the Trim Motor Assembly. Checking a parts diagram ( it will remove easily after disconnecting the nuts, nozzle, rubber hoses etc. A Clymer Manual will help immensely.

    Should you purchase a used one? I would suggest not. You will end up with exactly what you have now. I would suggest repair. A new motor is $120.00.(Mine was extremely corroded) Sort of Expensive but at least they are still available. As well as all of the attaching parts. Be sure to replace seals as necessary, etc.

    It is important that you pay attention to the terminals and which wires are attached to which connection or when you assemble everything (chances are) the motor will run in an opposite direction, as to what the MFD shows. Then you will have to switch position of the wires on the motor.

    I thought that the Spring/Pin/Collar Assembly had to be “indexed” for proper operation but I discovered that the motor runs until it reaches an Up or Down stop and just ratchets at that max position. So it guess it is important that when the MFD shows Full Up or Down Stop pushing on the Trim Button(while riding) as it will continue snapping, if you don’t.

    Hope this helps someone.


    MFD no longer available. See John Zigler for used parts--good guy and honest

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