Well, just had my very first experience pulling the exahust system off a 1200 xl to gain access to the carbs ( great service design by the way...NOT). Needless to say, I'll be adjusting my labor rates on this job. More bolts that a reactor pressure door..and trickier then walking on rice paper.

Long story short..ski sunk..landed in the shop witha complaint of limited power after the rescue..compression looked good...mostly everything looked "good"..so I figured a reed took a dump, or the carbs got a good dose of something.

After I finally get the pipe off, ....somebody tell me if there is another way then complete breakdown(nervous for me)..i pop off the airbox cover ( now compared to a seadoo, that part is a dream) and bingo..a long piece of what looks like foamy packing material is lodged against the f/a screen. day saved ( for the customer)..so this foamy stuff must got sucked into the intake as the water level rose in the hull. Found a nasty old shop rag in the hull too. The air intake is surprisngly close to the bottom of the hull..that doesn't make a whole lotta sense to me.

Fortuantely for me, we don't have a whole lot of older yam triples around here

seeing there is a catalytic converter in this 2000 modle ski, I guess the epa is to blame for this horrid pipe-a-rama and I'm pretty confident about having solved the problem...tank test later today to see if it runs at full throttle now that the restriction has been removed.