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    '94 SLT750 HELP! runs great then suddenly dies!

    Hi, I'm looking for some help trying to diagnose a problem I'm having with my '94 SLT 750. It runs fine at low to maybe half throttle - but when I open it up it runs for a few seconds and then suddenly dies! It usually starts right back up (even while still drifting), but then does the same thing. I've had two different mechanics look at it and they say their not sure ... they could rebuild the carbs???
    It sounds like a fuel delivery issue to me (fuel pump? filter?, lines? pin hole in carb diaphram?) but not sure.
    I would greatly appreciate any advice/ ideas before I start the "buy and try" method!

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    fuel delivery

    I would have to say you definately have a fuel delivery issue. Have you already changed all the fuel lines and filters? At the very least taken the carbs apart for a thorough cleaning? Have you changed to the triple outlet fuel pump? These are all things that should be taken care of and will probably take care of your problem.

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    thanks for the reply

    I'm pretty sure it has the stock pump on it. The mechanic that looked at it (and thought he'd fixed it), adjusted the carbs and, i'm assuming, at least checked the filter - since that's kind of a no-brainer, but, who knows? I'd like to change the lines/ filter and replace the pump with a triple outlet since these are all fairly low cost 'buy and try's', but wanted some advice/ verification before I did.
    Any advice on where to buy? It sounds like you can get a fuel line 'kit'?


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