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    Exhaust Jetting Questions

    So I have been toying around lately with the idea of hard jetting my exhaust. I would love to get a pipe, but with a baby on the way, I don't know if I can make that happen. I understand (mostly) the how and why of hardjetting, just had some other questions.

    1. Aftermarket pipes use a stinger, whereas stock just uses the waterbox...whats the advantage of the stinger vs waterbox injection site?
    2. Any reason I couldn't drill and tap my pipe where a stinger would be on an aftermarket pipe?
    3. Then I would put a strainer in and a jetworks on the waterbox/stinger hose, correct?

    Thanks for any help, just looking to increase my holeshot, as I am happy with the top end right now (58.2 in slight chop)

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    hard jetting for my APE pipe 800

    90 stinger
    142 mid section

    hit 7000-7050 rpm!
    i love it!
    great pipe for gaz pump!

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    You can drill and tap the stock pipe where the stinger is. I plugged my waterbox when I did this and ran a jet with constant water in the midpipe. You can run a good size jet in the stinger, just not to big because it will cause too much heat and melt a piston. Install the jetworks on the stinger and set it to come on around 3k.

    The idea of using a stinger fitting is to reduce the size of the exhaust outlet and speed up the exhaust flow to give you higher rpm. It will still cool the exhaust hose.

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