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    Help Fuel Fuse Blows > 2004 Sportster 4 TEC

    I haven't been able to get boat in the water this summer. I just had the shift cable replaced by the dealer. Now the 10a fuse that services the fuel pump continues to blow. If connected to a hose the fuse blows after a few minuets. If dropped in the water here at the Jersey Shore it blows within a few seconds. The dealer lost his mechanics and can't get to it. He thinks it's a short. I wonder if it's the fuel pump. Anyone have this issue? Also I'm trying to buy a service manual. This model is not easy to find.
    Thanks in advance.

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    take a amp meter you shoud see less than 10amp on the fuel pump.if you have a amp clamp whit a scope check for peak. try it whit a jumper and another battery. please wacht for fire you play whit gas.

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    Fuel Pump Fuse Blowing 04' Sporster

    I'll check the fuel pump with a multi function meter. Could it also be the regulator? Good news .. I have a local member with a used fuel pump for sale. Also I wanted to get a service manual for this 04' Sportster 4 TEC which is hard to find. I found a site that sells jet ski mauals for $13.00 What model Jet ski has the 4 TEC engine like my Sportster has?

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