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    New to jetboats...what do you think?

    Im about to purchase a used 1995 Sea Doo Sporster. Was wondering if you guys had any info you could give me on this model. I think it has the small 657 rotax motor. here some pics:

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    Looks like it's in good condition visually. Definately take it for a test drive. It also depends on what you are going to use it for. That small PWC engine on a relatively larger boat may not have enough power to pull up a skier or wake board, but should pull a tube just fine. It's also 15 years old so it may need some engine work. Check compression as an easy test for condition. You may also want to replace all the oil injection lines as they may be brittle.

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    Sharp looking boat! Deffinatly take for a sea trial and deffinatly do a compression test before purchase. 120-150 on both cylinders is grand. If engines in good shape you shouldn't have a problem towing a skier but I would be catious on the size of the skier. You wouldn't want to embaress a 300# dude by telling him he's too fat to be pulled out of the water.

    Take a look at the impellar and wear ring to see if there is any damage to them.

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    Get a good seadoo mechanic to check it out!!!!

    Get a good seadoo mechanic to check it out!!!! I bought my first used
    seadoo back in Nov. and it ran perfectly, had perfect compression and no other visual problems. Second time out the crankshaft bearings blew and the total repair cost $3200 and I only spent $7000 on the boat. Said all this to help you save yourself from a nightmare. Go spend $100 for peace of mind, it would be worth it. if they find anything wrong with it you can use that to bargin them down on the price. Too many seadoos have been underwater and the owner knows it and hopes it holds up till you buy it.

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    Cool boat

    But pretty basic power. If it is running correctly, you could pull a skier, but
    not easy. That boat is the simplest of all the 14.5s, cheap to run, and fix too! Good Luck!

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