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    Is there reliabilty problems with 97 xp white engine? Hears some people say buy gray

    I was thinking of purchasing a XP, but haven't owned a Seadoo brand. I was told by others if i wanted to buy one, stay away from the 951 white engine and to buy the 98 or later gray engine. Does anybody know why, or doesn't it matter for reliability? Please help!!!

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    the white 951 was the first verison of that motor. as with all 1.0v's of anything, there are "bugs." the silver 951 (or the 2.0v, to keep with the metaphor) is the later verison of the motor with most of the "bugs" are worked out.

    here is a breakdown of the years, models and the motors they came with.

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    the issue was with the 2 951 engines in the gsx ltd. the white engine in the 97 xp is an 800/787/785 and is a good engine.
    But Seadoo released a 97.5/early 98 GSX ltd silver grey top hull and
    with the white 951, it had some radical ignition timing and port timing was different too, fast yes but very unreliable, the ones I have seen anyway.
    Seado then released the 98 red on red hull with the milder spec 951 and the 99 was a more refined looking with an ignition change and some other changes.
    xp I would get 2000 and up black or silver hull

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