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    Running pre-mix on 951's????

    This looks like a pretty straight forward process to remove the oil injection.

    Is there something I am missing with the oiling? Also what do you recommend for pre-mix ratios??


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    Pre mix

    I have a 98 GSXL with the 951, the engine was rebuilt the fall of 07, the oil injection was removed at that time, not sure what parts were used, I baught the ski in August of 08, & was told to mix 40:1, I was told I can change the type of oil I use, but still use the BRP full synthetic, Hope this helps

    David N

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    you can leave the pump on the front if you dont have the block off kit. all you need to do otherwise is open the front of the stator cover on the front of the motor and remove the black plastic drive shaft. I mix 50:1 Doo injection oil

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    Ok, I was planning on making a plate for the front and blocking off the inlets at the manifolds. Thanks guys....

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