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    Cool yamaha parts for sale

    ]selling off few items
    sst grate - $250 used once,great for speed just not for me
    nujet 6.5 - 150.00 new in box (something like 11/22.7
    concord 12/18 used $80.00
    old school gp1200 bottom end-new hot rod crank & oem cases $700.00-sold

    I need a good advent with single pipe curves-someone what to do some trading?

    later cd
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    I have an advent that I bought last year and never used. You may have seen it at the mudbug when I brought it to sell there. I prefer cash though, no trades because I do not need anything right now. I paid 350 for it then...

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    would you be willing to sell the cases seperate?

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