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    97 xp, couple small issues

    hey guys, jsut rebuilt my xp and gave her a good weeks worth of riding everyday, prollyl 15 hrs on it, runs good, even flooded the motor with water once (not me). i blew a small hole in the weld for water jacket on pipe, anyone ever seen this? its like the weld wasnt complete, just s small pin hole in it. thinking i will get it tig-welded, as its cast??.... also when i take off from idle it hits rev limiter couple times if i put it to the bar, and i run outta throttle at bout 3/4 throttle but it sound slike its at full throttle, the speedo says im doin like 48mph, but it doesnt start working till bout 15mph.......any ideas, thanks alot.

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    the hole in the pipe is common. just have it welded back closed

    if it hits the rev limiter out of the hole then you probably need to change your wear ring. look down the nozzle, is the walls black or white? is there a gap between the blades and the walls bigger than 1mm? if its white or a sizable gap then you need to change it.

    BTW the speedo in inaccurate.

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