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    hey what's up? i'm a newb here. i've been patrolling the interweb for hours looking for a mfd for a 2000 polaris slh. someone said on another post that someone on here rebuilds them. if so how much or does anyone know where i can get one on the cheap? i already clicked on a link for one on e-bay but it has already been sold. thanks for anything and everything.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Feral was the guy that rebuilt them. Haven't seen a post from him in quite some time though.

    Try sending him a PM maybe.

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    Good condition used MFD tend to sell fast. Best is to keep an eye open, and watch the classifieds here, eBay, and elsewhere.

    Has your current MFD completely failed, or just has some faded sections on the display? Faded digits can often be repaired.

    Multi-Function Display (MFD)

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    hey thanks. left it out in the sun a little too long, condensation started, and now some of the display blinks or doesn't work at all. the ski still runs fine, but i may want to take it on the ocean and i would like to have some vitals on the screen. oh well. i'll keep looking. thanks again.

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    I just went threw the polaris pwc parts on e-bay last night, and saw 3 of the 8 pin type for sale the lowest bid was 170. and the other 2 were at 220. not cheap, and they were not new either. Maked me feel like I got A great deal from Randy(Watcon) Brand new 8 pin mfd $350, and it looks great! Thanks Randy

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    i suppose i can check the fuse but it still probably won't work. where can i find said fuse? i love working out the kinks.

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