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    I need a trailer for my first JetSki

    I'm going to pick up my brand new 2008 STX-15F Thursday and this will be my first JetSki. My question is on the trailer I will need. They sell a PW52-15-2 Chilton at the shop for $700, but I thought I would look for a used one or maybe a better deal on a new one at a different shop. Is there a certain size I need for this particular ski and are there any brands that are better than others?


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    You can go Triton, Shorelander, Shadow Trailers (they are here out in Southern, CA), just about whatever you like.

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    Just make sure it is rated for at least 1000 lbs I would guess. That way you won't have any problems. You will love that ski, I have 310 hours on mine now and still love it.

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    Thanks guys for the responses.

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    Most PWC trailers are made from rectangular steel tubing. Welds invariably have pinholes in them that let water in when you put it in the water. The water can't get back out and rusts out the tubing from the inside.

    If you end up buying a trailer made from tubing (channel is much better than tubing), make sure you drill drain holes in the bottom of the tubes so they can drain.

    I would recommend getting a trailer that has a U-shaped rear crossbeam, which allows the boat to sit lower. This way, you don't have to back so far into the water.

    Bearing Buddies are good to have to keep the wheel bearings lubed. Some trailers have lug BOLTS instead of lug nuts. Bolts suck, and they are hard to find when you need a replacement. Make sure you remove the lug nuts and grease them. Even better, install 'custom' nuts that have closed ends to help keep water out. Make sure you carry a spare tire and have a jack & lug wrench that fits.

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