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    Riva 16 psi wheel- Injectors? and ECU?

    Hi Jerry and forum members.

    Just a quick question about the new riva super charger 16psi wheel.
    Can it be run using the stock injectors? If I currently have the R&D powershot what sort of performance will I get out of putting the wheel in?

    Will I have to go straight to using an after market ECU?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    From the FZR racing Kiwi from New Zealand!

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    The 16psi wheel can be ran on the stock injectors. Jerry is doing it now. The powershot still has a boost limit of 10 psi so a aftermarket ECU is recommended. You might only gain some lower end power using that wheel over the 11.5psi wheel RIVA is offering.

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