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    MSX 140 hull repair

    Ok. I chipped out the gel coat in two spots on the center rib/keel,...dead center. 2 strips about 4 inches long and about .75" wide. They are in line of one another right down the center in front of the ride plate. It has the black hull with the red and silver top. Assuming the hull is fiberglass with a gel coat.
    Right? Anyway, the glass has just a little bit of fuzz to it and that is it?

    1.) How much of a pain is this going to be to fix?
    2.) Would the PowerSport Dealership (who used to carry Polaris) be able to fix it and for how much? (gen. est.) Worth my time and money?
    3.) If I do it myself, would some of you guys be able to help me out?
    4.) Will I have to do this with the ski on the trailer?

    I have intentions on selling it. I just wanna do it right and have it look perfect. I'm a perfectionist with ADD. ahha so i'm gonna be pretty damn focused on this project.

    Thanks in advance for all your help. I will post pic's of "The Belly" tonight after work.
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    The MSX hull is made from Fiberglass Reinforced Compound (FRC).

    Any marine hull repair shop should be able to handle the repair, using the appropriate resin.

    Since it is on the bottom of the hull, it will be something of a pain to do it yourself, but certainly doable.

    If you want color matching results, then it gets trickier, but still doable.

    Have a look through the Sea-Doo forums. There are some good threads over there regarding hull repair.

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    Thanks K447! I'll check em out over there.

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    Sorry K but thats not correct MSX's use a polyesta based resin which is not compatable with expoxy.

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