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    Where can i get best price for parts?

    I need bearings and seals for pump stator. I've read somewhere in one of these posts where you can buy the same bearings/seals at other
    by cross reference the numbers rather than paying pwc prices. Also in search of an updated cdi and stator. (leary about ebay parts)

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    Have a look here;
    Jet Pump Maintenance and Service

    And here;
    Keeping your Polaris PWC on the water

    I need to replace the stub shaft seals and bearings in my modular jet pump stator (1994-2004)
    The bearing spacer that fits in between the two bearings is a Polaris specific part, as is the stub shaft and the short impeller spacer that fits behind the impeller.
    You can purchase replacement bearings and seals from any Polaris OEM parts source, or you can use generic parts.

    Polaris Jet Pump generic Stator Bearings and Seal Numbers 1994 Thru 2004
    Bearing 6304 20mm X 52mm X 15mm Wide Double sealed
    Seal 30mm X 55mm x 7mm Wide with stainless spring Lip style A
    Part# 8702 C/R $2.88 each. 30mm X 55mm 07A lip SS Spring.
    Bearing # PEEB6304-2RS $7.25 each.

    How do I install the replacement bearings and seals?

    If there is any question about the health of your impeller stub shaft seals and bearings, now is the time to change them. You will need an impeller removal tool (under $20 from eBay).
    Instructions for removing the impeller and changing the seals and bearings are in the service manual.
    The only 'trick' is to freeze the bearings in your home freezer, and warm the stator (200F oven works well), which makes it much easier to get the new bearings to seat properly.

    When properly assembled, the spacer between the bearings does not press against the bearing races, it just nicely fits in there with no end-to-end slop.
    Stub shaft O-ring locations

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