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    Is there any way to raise the rev limiter on a '98 770R?

    Is there any easy way of doing this?

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    I know the 640 models used the same cdi box from a kawasaki 750 but I am not sure about the 770's.

    IGNITION - All the 650's are equipped with a Mitsubishi ignition system that is virtually identical to the system found on the 750 Kawasaki models. The 650 models come stock with either a 6800 rpm or 7100 rpm rev limiter (refer to your owners manual for info on your particular model). The 6800 limiter permits 48 - 49 mph speeds while the 7100 limiter permits 51 - 52 mph. The 7100 rpm brain box is available from Arctco, and bolts right in place of the 6800 unit. While the ignition advancers and aluminum flywheels made for 750 Kawasaki's will bolt onto your 650, Group K does not recommend them. The advancer plates offer excessive spark advance that can cause serious over heating on the Tigershark 650's. Some 750 Kawasaki aluminum "charging" ignition flywheels have caused stator plate failures on various models. It is unclear whether these failures are a result of component incompatibility or varying magnetic fields. Whatever the case, the risk of failing an expensive stator plate is not worth the potential gains. To this end, Group K does offer lightening of the stock ignition flywheel. While only .7 lbs. is removed, the increased acceleration is very noticeable because we remove the material from the outer perimeter of the flywheel where it hurts the inertia the most. We feel that this is the most weight that can be removed without compromising the long term life of the flywheel.

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