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    double question...RE blockoffs and Impeller damage

    ok so I installed my RE blockoffs by myself the other day. Instead of reading the guide before i started i put the block offs on with epoxy instead of that "the right stuff" gasket stuff. I sealed the outer edges with rightstuff after and the bolts. What are the chances I will take in water do you think? I took it out today to check and it was low tide. I set the boat in for 5 mins or so and went to take off and sucked up a shit load of rocks. Do you think my impeller is gonna need to be replaced? It has some small little dings and chips..nothing major...and when i took it out of the water i saw no water in the im thinking my seal may be ok? Should i take it out to check for leaks again since i only had 5 mins of it sitting it the water and no runs at speed?

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    impeller maybe, you deff want to check the pitch. Most likely the wear ring is toast.

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