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    sc rebuild

    107 hours on my 05 gtx 185hp.need my sc rebuilt.what kind of warranty?how fast can i get it back? im still riding it, should i be worried? stage 1 7500 rpm running good. thanks for the help pale rider.

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    Welcome to the Board Mr T!

    These Seadoo guys will help you out and then some!

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    why do you think you need your SC rebuilt?? cuz of hours??
    easiest thing to do is remove the SC, send it to jerry, theowner of this website, and have him install an 08 update kit for your ski, the 185 GTXSC.
    kit goes for 300, jerry's labor is 75 an shipping round trip is 50 or less.
    thats 425 and you are good to go, jerry rebuilds tons of SC's, thats important cuz you want someone familiar with how it goes, its complicated.
    if you want, that is a good time to get a aftermarket fanblade to boost performance, you can get a greenwheel and not have to do any other mods, except repitch the impeller, or get a solas replacement.

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