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Thread: SLT 750 Q's???

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    SLT 750 Q's???

    I bought a 750SLT basket case. Put and SBT motor in it, put her back together and the motor runs pretty nice. Had her on the lake today for the first time and it was pretty good. I've never owned or really ever driven a ski before, so I don't know what to expect. How smooth are these supposed to be? It rattles, shakes and makes a pretty good racket bumping along at idle. I would go as even as far as saying it makes a bit of a clanking noise. I did notice the nozzel has quite a bit of play. Looks like there are some bushings that I could replace which might account for some of the noise. As it revs up, everything smooths out and it seems to be vibration free.

    I am a bit paranoid because I did not have the tool to align the pump and motor. I did not change any shims and I could tell by the marks on the mounting plate that the motor is very close to where the original motor was. If there was an alignment issue, would vibration be present at all speeds?

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    Mine runs a bit rough (when its running) but smooths right out at 1/4 to wot.
    Make sure and follow sbt's break-in and such. If you end up having a problem, don't tear into it. This will void your warranty. (If you have one, all sbt come with 1 yr.)
    Pump alignment bad, it'll let you know. The coupler wil take a dump on you. I don't know much about alignment though. Others here know it all. Literally! Talk about a knowledgable crew.
    Enjoy your ski. I think the slt is the funnest ski I have ever riden.

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    Then do tend to run a bit rough around idle speed, but smooth put quite a bit.

    Steering nozzles do have a bit of play to them.

    Noises like clunking in the water isn't really normal. Out of the water, yes.

    Alignment should be checked. It doesn't take much to take it out of alignment.

    Excessive vibration will quickly wear the thru hull bearing, engine coupler driveshaft and impeller splines.

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    I ran it quite a bit through the last week and a half. It takes a bit of cranking and lots of choke to get it going cold, but fires right away once it is warm. All three cylinders are the same temps, nothing too hot, runs smooth through the throttle range. Plugs are on the dark side, but I mixed the fuel pretty rich. Pulled the kids on a tube LOTS and it worked great. Tried getting my daughter up on skis with it, but it has a bog if you nail it from idle, so I switched to the boat for that. I suppose I could start adjusting the carbs to get rid of the bog, but until I get some time on it, I am more interested in making sure it lives as opposed to having it running on the edge.

    Couple of things:

    -I didn't have a scope to check wash, but when I pulled the plugs, you could see a clean circle about a half inch in diameter, right under the plug. Around the clean circle, the piston was dark and oily. I have never had that on any of my sleds before. At first I thought the piston might be hitting the plug, but they are fine. Normal, or ????

    -I got out the GPS and with my 170lbs on it, not quite calm water, it hit exactly 45MPH. I have no MFD, so no idea how many RPM's it was turning. It doesn't have adjustable trim. I would guess the pump is still all stock. It is impressive how it shoots out of the water. Once up to speed, the last third of the throttle doesn't increase RPM's at all. Does this sound normal for operation and top speed for a 94 750 SLT??

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    Get yourself a small lashlight to stick through the plug hole and look at the piston crown. That circle bothers me. You may be starting to "hole" the piston....

    No RPM change from 3/4 to WOT is not good.

    Youu need to get a good look at the pistons and see if you're running lean.

    Do a search for piston wash. That will give you an example of what to look for.

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    A flashlight like this...
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