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Thread: help with trim.

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    help with trim.

    I have searched and have not found an answer, if someone can help me. I see that on certain 05 06 rxt and rxp models you guys have an up and down button to what looks like it is to adjust the trim. Why is it that on my ski i don't have it and if i don't how can i adjust it if possible. When i searched it all i've found is that some people like it all the way up some all the way down. and i can't seem to figure out why i don't have this setup on my ski

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    VTS, variable trim system, only some premium models come with it, ALL RXP models did, the RXTX does, some of the GTX limeteds i think.
    basically it really only helps on the shorter hulls , aka RXP, it helps a tiny bit on the longer hull RXT/GTX
    i have had seadoos for 15 yrs started with the X-4 hull, it helped alot on the older smaller skis, its just a novelty on the modern 4tec 900lb skis.
    usually after palyin withit for a few rides, people set it 1 or 2 clicks above neutral and leave it there.
    performance at full up or full down, is compromised.
    your ski doesnt have it?? then the angle of the nozzle is set at one place, optimum angle for all around performance.
    if you wanted to enhance this there are pump wedges available, that can add 2.0 to 2.5 degrees to the angle to get a bit of bowrise, and a little better handling.
    MAJOR downside to VTS, it is prone to failure. a little water getting into the electronics and it can stop working, permanently. known weakness on older models.
    the new models are just getting old enough now for failures to start occuring too.
    parts to fix it are 250-350 dollars. so most just leave it broken once it fails.

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    The 2005 RXT does not have adjustable trim. Well, not adjustable from a common "VTS" point of view. You can, however, adjust the steering nozzle for two positions by flipping the lower plastic pivot bushing around. It is #35 here:


    One position points the nozzle straight back, while the other position (stock setting) points the nozzle up about 3 degrees.

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    i see. thanks a lot !! sorry for the ignorance just trying to learn everything i can about my damn ski. I stay up late everyday and it seems like the million questions i have i'm only answering them one at a time.
    now do you think that i should adjust it being that my ski is completely stock? or is there a slight advantage that i might be able to gain by adjusting it one or two degrees on a stock ski

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    I would leave the bushing in the stock (up) position.

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    limited thanks alot for your help i appreciate it

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenMonster View Post
    limited thanks alot for your help i appreciate it
    In the future, you might want to identify your ski that you have questions about... Ron

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    VTS Trouble

    ok for w.e. reason i cant open a new thread....

    i cant get my trim to engage and go down....its stuck in the up position and i cant get it to go down....

    i hear the motor attempting to move it but there is no go....

    there is nothing jammed down below and cant find ne reason why it isnt moving....

    ski has never stayed in the water longer than i rode....never spent an overnight int he water

    i got a long ride comming up on friday...lbi to OCMD so ne thing that ne one knows would be great.....if ne one has ne thing just text it to me 201-320-6452 i dnt care what time late or w.e.....

    its a 2008 rxt-x btw

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    would like to put vts on wifes rxt we pull drag boats could pull better and preform better how hard have a junk rxp to pull all parts from

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    RXT's do not come with VTS. However, you can always add VTS. One of the best mods on a fast ski for holeshot!

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