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    LB2CAT DVD on the way! Check out the Trailers!

    When Offshore Personal Watercraft Racing comes to mind, there is only one event that fits the description!

    The LB2CAT, the global standard for offshore PWC racing is the longest standing offshore race in the world announces the compilation of the 2009 LB2CAT DVD!

    It begins in Long Beach California where only the best of PWC endurance and offshore racers will head out to sea covering roughly 30 miles to the island of Santa Catalina. The turnaround for the remaining 30 miles of open water transit is off the island's jeweled town of Avalon. Racers find the grueling ride back to the mainland to be the true reality check of man/woman and machine. The Pacific Ocean channel waters offer a changing and technical landscape to navigate as fog, open ocean swells, race boat mechanical failures and rider fatigue can take a toll. Once returning through the 'Angels Gate' of the Jaws of the massive Southern California harbor mouth where the city of Long Beach looms with its skyline of buildings that stand as beckoning sentinels, a measure of relief is experienced! But it's not over until you pass the iconic Queen Mary, the Dome that used to house the Spruce Goose, and finally the long anticipated Sea Tow finish line boat. Discover through this exciting visual capture from helmet cameras, helicopters, boats and interviews how they do it, why, and what does and doesn't work! Hard Core Offshore!


    LB2CAT DVD Teaser #1

    LB2CAT DVD Teaser #2

    The Long Beach to Catalina (LB2CAT) PWC offshore race has been around for years, amazing racers from all over the world have competed at this prestigious race.

    See more at -

    Produced By Hypnotic Films: Bryant Lambert and Mark Gerner

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    Thank you DVD Sponsors, they are: (!!!!) for parts
    Doug White and TAD Racing, Texas Proud
    Steve Friebe
    John Anick
    Marie's Photography of OC
    Dave Arnold

    Support those who support us!

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    Wow, the guy who put those together is a pro
    Nice work !!!

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    The DVD is going to duplication tomorrow! We are getting close. Some great footage!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socaloffshore View Post
    The DVD is going to duplication tomorrow! We are getting close. Some great footage!
    Can't wait !!!! as long as John Smith doese'nt cross and turn around twice on the turn around boat like in the last Catalina Race 2008 I am buying one In the Catalina Race 2008 he made 2 turns on the turn around boat There must have been a Hot chikie baby on a Hot Brazilian Swim suit on the turn around boat deck Is the price of the DVD the same as of last year?

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    LB2CAT=The grand daddy of them all. Just like the Rose Bowl. Looking forward to seeing the video, and what Hypnotic Films has produced. Bryant is a talented young dude, he's passionate about his work too! If the teasers are ANYTHING like the video, this will absolutely BLOW peoples minds! Possibly the first HD OFFSHORE video produced! Cant wait.

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    Is there a pre-order web link?

    DVD only, or also Blu-Ray?

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    From what I understand, it is a HD film compressed to fit onto a standard def dvd, it is a very clean format. So it is hd not blueray .. Blue ray is very expensive to master ... it is about 400 dollars to master a blue ray dvd for the 1st copy ... then it is about 5 dollars a piece to get each one done after that ... wayyy too much cash.

    The DVD will be sold here – we will let you know when its ready – looks like October 9 is the release date!

    Hypnotic Films is doing a great job!

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    Just ordered mine!!!!!! The quality on the trailers looks incredible....can't wait to see the race.

    A big salute to pwcoffshore crew......

    It is a true dream of mine to participate in this race and meet all you great racers.

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    I would like to pay Cash for this DVD By using a money order from my Bank like I have done in the past. Is this option still available? If yes, What do I put on the "Payable to" I remember the last Bo-Bo I did on the check Also, I will add another $10.00 if my DVD will be autograph by Dubz 1 I am not kidding, This is not a joke. Anything to help ya guys out.

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