> 717 Stock Magneto Coil pack All Plugs, Bracket and Wiring

> VERY Good condition Silver 717 Cylinder Head Water Jacket

> Complete Purple 717 Exhaust Pipe, BOTH sections with V-clamp. NO Corrosion, paint is in Excellent Condition

> Set of Stainless Steel POLISHED HEX HEAD Cylinder Head Bolts
(these Jewels are Polished like a mirror !)

> '97.5 GSX-L Venturie Nozzle with trick inside diameter mill work for improved exit stream velocity

> Stock Twin-Carb. 717 Intake Manifold bolted onto Rotary Valve Cover. Has all NEW small Oil Lines, Feed Oil Hose and NEW Banjo Bolt/Check Valves with NEW Oil Filter. Includes Oil Pump and Oil Pump actuator Cable. Very Clean, Fresh Water use and ready to bolt-on. (with all new Stainless Steel Socket Head Bolts)

> Black Powder Coated 717 Magneto Flywheel Backshell

> (1) Set of (2) F/A's and "Like New" Black Anodized Billet Adapters with Stainless Steel mounting hardware.

> PROK Flame Arresters

Almost New condition F/A's, less than 6 hours total fresh water use.

These are the "Multi-Fit" type which are *not* for the 947 engine, but every other Sea-Doo 2-stroke 2-Cylinder Carb. Engine.

Sold w/ two sets of (2) Outer Pre-Filters:

> '99 GTX-RFI ECU Engine Management Controller *NOT* the MPEM
This part is over $1000 retail, and if yours fails, the engine fails with it,, better have a spare for less than 1/2 price new

> Scat Trac IMPROS Balanced and Blueprinted 140mm / 75mm large Hub Swirl Impeller.
16/24 pitch Swirl Blades
Beautiful piece from the Impeller experts at IMPROS. Excellent Finish

All parts are excellent condition off Fresh Water personally owned machines.

If interested...

e-Mail me for pricing


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