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    Loose steering on SHO

    Anyone else had any problems with their steering being loose on the SHO? How loose would it have to be before tightening it up? Thanks

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    I'm having freeplay in neutral and just started looking at how to tighten it up.

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    ive heard of it being loose. but apparently it is supposed to be but not extremely loose. have a dealer check it out or call yamaha

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    Every Yamaha I have ever gone up to and wiggled the handle bars on has had a very little bit of play. I never notice it when I'm riding the ski, but I thought mine was messed up so starting checking all the FX's, FZ's and they all do it! So does my 2004 GPR. Wouldnt sweat it.

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    Got it also. Went to the dealer but they have no clue. Nobody noticed before...
    It difference per ski. Mine pretty loose, it doesn't feel good when riding.
    Took a look in the service manual and tried to disassamble the steering unit, but it can't be adjusted. The bushings are sort of fixed.
    I think it can only get worse...

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    Wiggle the steering nozzle. There is where your play is IMO.

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