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    super charger failure ?

    I got 2 06 RXPs off craigslist a couple of months ago. I took them to the local stealership and asked them to do the 50 hr servise on both they were at like 40 hrs. why i was there i asked about the SC bearing failures the service tech said the money you spend swapping out the washers is the same as if the actually let loose the contaminets are all caught in the oil filter? I no pro mechanic but that doesnt sound right to me. Is there a way to check if the bearings were replaced with out tearing it all apart? So whats you guys take?

    Thanks for putting up with my noob bs question i searched around and it made me think my feeling are all the more warranted.

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    Welcome to the forum. As usual, your dealer does not know what he is talking about. For a couple hundred bucks, you can prevent a catastrophic washer failure. Once those ceramic washers fail, you are looking at a couple thousand bucks for a proper repair job. The oil filter certainly does not catch the debris and neither do the oil pump screens.

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    Nothing worse than being towed back to the ramp...

    Even if the price were exactly the same... it will certanly ruin your day

    For me, piece of mind is worth every penny when I'm miles from my trailer...

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    pull the sc and have jerry rebuild with riva washers. keep in mind that this still isn't 100% bullet proof, but it is 100% better than leaving the ceramics in.

    so far this summer, i rebuilt one set of pumps that ate ceramics and one set of pumps that ate metal washers. but i have put twice as many hard hours on my metal washers as i did on the ceramics before they fell apart.

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