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    MSX not charging

    Hi guys, i'm new to the forum so I need some help to guide towards some fairly basic information (I hope).
    I have just bought a lightly used(!!) MSX 150 but first day out was not a happy experience. Knowing the existing battery was an unknown quantity I replaced it with a new fully charged new battery (I charged it so I know it was fully charged).
    After a few hours in the water it became obvious that the battery was running down. It died before I could get it back to the trailer but I wont bore you with the details of the tow.
    When tested the battery was essentially flat. Re-charged it was back to full performance. Re-installled into the ski and same story.....lots of fun followed by.........well lets just say I confirmed the battery was not being charged.
    Can anyone advise some simple checks or point me to an electrical diagram.
    Many thanks.

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    Click below for the service manual

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    Hi, Many thanks for your help. I tried the link yesterday but I couldn't get it to download any documents. I've got it now so hopefully I can get to the bottom of my problem. Looking at the manual it must either be a fuse or the alternator. Having the manual will be a great help the next time I'm at the ski.

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