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Thread: Coolant in oil

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    Coolant in oil

    Okay, for my next trick . . .

    Seriously, MAN these MSX 150s are tough to keep up the maintenance. But I sure love the speed.

    My immediate problem is that I seem to have coolant in my oil. I've always run only polaris oil listed for the 150. I was changing the oil yesterday when I noticed that the oil pumping into my catch basin was light and opaque. Kind of looked like chocolate milk, but was a little more honey colored. I was changing it because it was a little overfilled, and I wanted to correct this before I installed my new MAP sensors. I followed all the instructions and when the oil stopped coming out of the noted oil drain hose in my basin, I changed the oil filter and put in two quarts of oil. After running for five minutes I checked the oil: it had become that same light honey-colored consistency in five minutes.

    Not sure how to proceede. I checked every hose, both oil and coolant (closed and saltwater), but I can't determine where the coolant is coming from.

    All this on top of the fact that the engine is purring like a kitten with no hesitation or malfunction of any kind. I can't give it full throttle yet because I'm waiting on a new wear ring to arrive, and th eold one is making a slight bit of noise, but otherwise it's running like it used to. Which is great, if I didn't make that clear.

    Any suggestions? Steps?


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    You got coolant in my oil! No, you got oil in my coolant!

    One other thought . . . (Kinda makes me feel like
    lieutenant Columbo, anyone remember him?) . . .
    By the way, is there an oil drain plug? Or can ALL the oil only be removed by "pumping" it out with the engine?

    I was thinking that maybe there was more old coolant in the oil that I simply hadn't removed, but, if so, how do you reomve it other than whay I did?

    I'm not speaking of the oil resevoir here. I used an external sump to remove all the oil in the resevoir tank before pumping any out with the engine, as it is listed in the manual.

    Thanks again,


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    Are you loosing closed circuit coolant or does the coolant level stay the same in the expansion reservoir?

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    Coolant it oil


    Sorry for not giving that piece of information. I meant to, and then got side tracked . . . a not-uncommon occurance for me. Yes, I am losing closed circuit coolant.

    I tripple checked my hoses again today, using the manual and its various illustrations as a guide, and I've had no problem with this in the past.

    Just FYI to let you know the ski'd history: I had to pull the engine a few months ago to replace the exhaust pipe, which my son had cracked bu stepping on it when the seat was off one day. You and a few other greenhulkers helped me overcome a few problem along the way, and as I said, the ski is running great. The engine wasn't dissassembled or anything like that. I just lifted it off the motor mounts so I could turn it on its side to remove the Turbo/Exahust Manifold/Exhaust Pipe, replaced the pipe, then put everything back. It was running great before and after I replaced the pipe. The pipe's crack sprayed water through it.

    Could I be interpreting my hoses in correctly? I'm just not certain where to begin troubleshooting.



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    coolant in oil

    Thanks, all:

    Thread closed. Culprit was pinch oil cooler hose.

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