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    Help! Tons of white smoke.

    Hey guys.

    Not sure what the problem is with my 99 ultra 150 but I've just had bad luck with it this season. To start things off, about a month ago i forgot to put the plugs in (still cant believe i did that) and flooded everything. So I changed the plugs, blew the water out of cylinders, poured a bottle cap of oil into every cylinder, and after a few cranks got it to run. Take it out to the lake, and my fiance's stupid brother backs into it with the trailer and puts a huge crack in the front hull... Great! But the ski ran fine as ever for a few weeks. Then somehow the bolt that connects neg wire to the battery fell out while I was in the middle of the lake...

    Now the other day as we were coming back to the dock, it started smoking like it was on fire. Tons of white smoke. I try to shut it off and it wont turn off. I had to pull the cord off to shut it down. Well, the battery cable was loose again. Take it out today, put it in the water and just idle around the dock and it still smoking abnormally. And as I was pulling it on the trailer, it didnt want to turn off again. Im puzzled. Can anybody help me?

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    Its a 2 stroke and I know it smokes, so please dont remind me of that. It is putting out alot of smoke this time. Far more than it usually does. Does it out of the water as well. It also sounds a little rough. And I noticed I get a feeling that the ski leans to the right a little when just idling in the water. It starts fine, like it usually does, just this much smoke has me worried. And it not wanting to turn off....

    Could a bad battery cause this? Because I have not changed it since i bought the ski last may. The guy i bought it from said he just changed it. Should I try another set of spark plugs? Im running correct plugs btw, ones from the manual.

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    First check your compression, then make sure the cable is still on your oil pump and routed corectly. I would also inspect the wiring harness to be sure you dont have any burned wires . Then check both electrical cases to be sure they are clean and dry.

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    Ill check all of those. How do you check compression? Is there a tool that I need to buy? Thanks

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    If you have an Autozone near you they have the compression tester as one of their Loan A Tool items. Basically you pay for the tester as a deposit and if you bring it back within 90 days they give you your money back. I am going to my Autozone today to get one myself. My suggestion is to get it today as a lot of their tools are already loaned out by the weekend.

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    so what is the normal compression psi (is that what it's measured in?) vs abnormal?

    The battery read 11.85 when I hooked it up. Gonna try to charge it up and see if it holds. If not, Ill replace it. Then will also check the plugs. It starts fine, but almost seems like its getting too much fuel in. Idle is around 2500 out of water, kind of rough, and quite a bit of white smoke. I will def buy a compression tester and do that before I go back out.

    It's also not turning off sometimes. If I hold the stop button, it will shut off, but as soon as I let go, it fires back up as if it never stopped in the first place. I took the button box apart and everything looked fine. What could cause this?

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    White smoke may indicate that you have a blown head gasket.

    Can't give exact numbers for compression, but typically the numbers will be 100 - 140 PSI, depending on elevation, your gauge, etc. The more important thing is that the values be about the same for each cylinder.

    If you have one cylinder 20 PSI or more lower than the others, you've got a problem.

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    You need to clean those switch contacts while it is apart. Most likely the start button has some water in it or something shorting it.

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    Use a pencil erasor to clean up the contacts. My start button would not work when I first bought mine. Shined them up nice and never had a problem.

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    Ok, Ill clean them up a bit more. I just blew all the dust off pretty much. I dont think it did it again after I put it back together or while it was apart and I was playing with it. But I will clean it all up just to be sure. there was no water there, just dust and some sand.

    I've been doing some reading, and I found things telling me that I should look at the carb, take it out, and clean it all up. Make sure there is no foreign objects that distract the flow. Is it hard to take the carb apart? I looked at the manual, but its just talking about disconnecting hoses. Maybe I have not found the right page yet.

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