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    Innovate LM1/LM2 VS LC-1

    So what is the difference with the Innovate LM1/LM2 and LC-1 wideband controler?
    I am just looking for something to be able to dial in my RRFPR with the climate changes or if other mods are done. Seems that the LC-1 like this would do what I need for that 5 minutes of tunning. Thoughts?

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    I have the LC1 and it works well. You do have to wire it up though. I think that with the LM1 it just needs a power and ground and thats it. Plus the LM1 can log data. Go w/ the LC1. Cheaper and just as accurate and you dont need the data logging feature

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    I use the LM2. By the far a huge improvement over the lm1. Has a obd2 option if needed and also data logs onto SD card. I love it!

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    I had the DL-32, LC-1, XD-16 and TC4 installed in my ski and it worked great. For a while, then the AFR reading on the XD-16 gauge was always acting crazy. Took it out and went to using my LM2 until the Motec stuff gets installed. The two things I did not liike about the Innovative stuff was all of the wires all over the place and the crappy (IMO) connection to the DL-32 and TC4.

    If going the Innovative route I would recommend the LM2 for AFR. I was trying to sell mine and change my mind because I like it so much.

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