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    Need motor for 2005 STX 12F

    I am looking for a motor running or not for a 2005 Kawasaki stx 12f. I threw a rod about a month ago and it went threw the crankcase right at the seam. I need all the help I can get on this one because its a mess.

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    Check the kawi classified section and put a wtb thread in there. I would look into putting a 15f motor in there

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    what year 15f motor can I replace it with or does it matter? I also don't want to replace other parts if I don't have to will the 15f motor require any other changes?

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    I dont think the year matters, but Im sure you would have to replace the computer, as for other changes sorry I dont know, but Im sure someone will chime in with some answers.

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    they are basically the same. the cams are different thats why the computers are different. If you are interested im selling some cylinders for that motor.


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