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    Unhappy 1999 sltx no spark

    I have had this pwc for about 4 years now this year I went to start for the season and it would not start . I charged the battery and left the charger on while trying to start . I was told that I pobobably fried the CDI so I ordered 1 from bike bandit for $210 with shipping it came in and I changed it. The PWC started right up . I put it in the water and used for a weekend . I also put a new battery in it. I went to start it on third day it started and died and there is no spark again . I see there is a kit but the cdi box I bought was the same part # as the 1 that was in there. Needlees to say it is sitting in the water and I cant get it out .I read in this forum to disconnect 1 cylinder and the spark will be strong enough to start it.If thats the case will it hurt it if i drive it down to the marina to get it out of the water HELP!

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    Do you have access to another battery to try?

    If the battery voltage drops below 10.5 volts while cranking, you will not have spark.

    If you can get it started on two cylinders with one plug out, you might let it idle like that for a minute or two (with the seat off) to partially charge the battery. Shut it down, quickly install the third spark plug, and see if it will start.

    Another method, which I hesitate to suggest, is to use a little 'starting fluid' down the carb throats. Be careful of backfire, and don't over use the starting fluid, as it is hard on the engine.

    When engine is running, the battery voltage should be 13.5 to 14.5 volts. If it is under 13 volts, then the charging system is not charging the battery.

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    Thank you I know the new battery is cranking it over quite quickly but I did not check the voltage

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    thank you I know the new battery was craking it over quickly but I did not check the voltage

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