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    Need help on front seal replacement, slt700

    I have a 96 slt700 that had low compression on the mag cylinder, so while I am doing the top end I am also trying to replace the front seal since there is apparantly history of a leaking front seal causing the problem. Anyway, I got the dreaded flywheel off, there seems to be four bolts holding the stator and case to the front of the engine-but do I need to do something on the starter? Then do I just start prying the parts apart? have a clymer manual coming, but I am trying to get a head start-thanks.

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    you can get a free manual here. down load it and print it out.

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    It would be better to remove the starter,it uses an o-ring where it goes into the stator housing,it does get stuck.

    On a 2000 700,the stator bolts(3) did go into the engine cases,I'm not sure on the 96. Than those 4 bolts hold the housing in place. the seal goes into that rear housing. Make sure you reseal the housing to the engine cases.

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    Great, thanks, I am almost there, stator is off, now I am just trying to find the correct sealant locally.

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