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    Testing waters MAYBE looking to purchase a riva ecu for 06 rxp

    Im considering it.. if the price is right, I may bite on it. It would be great to pick one up that comes with a TB to save me some trouble. LMK what you may have and shoot me some prices via PM. Again, this is an 06 rxp.
    Thanks fellas

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    Dont waste your money on buying an extra throttle body, hust take your ski to someone with buds and reset the TPS, takes all of 1 minute.
    I have a stock 06 ECU I can sell ya and you can send it out to have it programmed for what you are looking for and wont have any down time. Let me know if interested.
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    From what Ive heard, those reflashes are not reliable yet.

    Right now im probably going to go riva ecu or rude2 - whichever comes across as a better deal.

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    I think im going to go rude2 on stock ecu instead...

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