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Thread: Seadoo Race oil

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    Seadoo Race oil

    what are your thoughts I have a T-X with 150 hours on it and after getting my recent service done the Machanic ( not at a Seadoo dealer but 19 year experiance) put what he said was Seadoo racing oil in it . from what I can tell its alot thinner was told by a freind its 0 weight oil.....any way machanic check supercharger slip which has 80hrs since last rebuild and is at half the slip it should be and reallly past just a shim..

    Before the service which included a 3.5ltr oil change yes he got 3.5ltrs out which my previous service provider failed to do and the Seadoo Race oil put in he also changed a faulty coil pack and the rubber bushes on the rest of them (these have been giving me the Shits since 72hrs... motor missing every second ride out had to clean the packs all the time to get all three cylinders firing again PITA....) aparetly shrunk bushes can cause this...damm lanolin...

    anyway other mods are R&D intake grate, 15/22r, 4" air , through hull, ski before the service which didn't include ENGINE DIOG.. was running 8140 to 8160 with a GPS 68.1mph...yeh pretty chit I know

    after the service I took the ski out and instead of the RPM gauge hovering around the 8150 mark it reved straight to 8200 and dropped then back up (off the limiter I guess) I didn't have a GPS at that stage to get Speed..

    Went out couple days later after trying to repitch my prop... funny thing when I sat it on the bench every trailing edge on the Prop(messured from bench up to Trailing edge as per greenhulk instructions) was at a different Hieght varying from 500mm to I straightend them all to 600mm height and chucked it back in...went out with my new GPS from DIGGS (thanks again) ran a 71.3 at 8180....

    Anyway sorry bout the bad spelling/gramar and the metric stuff(hope you can convert better then me) but thought id share and see what yous think it the OIL ? the machanic said I'd get another 300rpm and all the racers were using it...I think a new charger is on the cards now and a new prop......

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    Glad the Gps is working for ya. Glad to see you making progrees on speed too. Sounds like the mod bug has bitten you that I put in the box with the Gps. lol........

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