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Thread: noisy r12x

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    noisy r12x

    I have an 04 r12x,she has 54 hrs on her.when i had her out yeserday she was making a funny noise.Down low and wide open she`s ok.This happens at mid range and when i back off the throttle slow from wide open.It is quite loud,almost like a grinding noise.If anyone knows what this could be or as experienced the same problem please let me know.I don`t know much about these machines,it is my first one.I own honda cars,bikes,lawnmowers and only bought a honda because my other hondas are bulletproof.Did i buy crap?Someone please help asap i wanna go riding!!!!
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    all honda's do this. . .just ride it.

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    my 05 r12x has this noise at different constant throttle ranges. never hear it when turning though. i was thinking of rebuilding the jet pump it kinds sounds like it could be drive train noise.

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    The turbo will make a crashing noise when it is developing a lot of boost and then the throttle closes and the boost has no place to go, so it crashes into the compressor wheel. It is normal.

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