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Thread: 2001 xl800

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    2001 xl800

    hey all, im new to the forums and just got back into water sports after a long stint waiting for kids to get older.

    Just bought a 2001 xl800. Love it. My first project was to take the grate, shoe and ride plate off and seal the cavities. Will be taking it out on the lake monday to see if it makes much difference on the take off.

    The machine is stock and i got a great deal on it. Hope these forums are more welcoming and more active than some of the others. Im just excited to be back on the water!!

    Question #1. Should i convert to premix right away?

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    Welcome to the forum. I think you will find most everyone on this forum likes to help which really is why we all are here (THANK-YOU to those with the knowledge to add to the forum ).

    Best advice is to research before asking as there is A LOT of info on this forum--the question may have been asked already? I just did a quick search and see the following thread: . I see talk about oil lines coming off and would research that too (a few engines have been blown to this).

    You may find the exact answer to your question with some time invested in research.

    Where are you from in IN? I live on Witmer Lake in LaGrange County.

    Good luck!

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    thanks for the link, i have researched it on other forums. After thinking about it, ill prob go pre mix since my other machine is pre mix. Might make sense to have both the same.

    I like 3 hours South West of you, in Brownsburg, IN. I got to Racoon lake and Lake Morse. I have a friend that lives in Goshen. We will be going to Wawasee in a few weeks for the weekend.

    thanks again,

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    Welcome to GH,you will never have to research anything on other forums ever again,it's all here,just a search button away and when you still can find the answer you are looking for,you will always get good info and intelligent responses from these great guys if you ask.You also dont have to make 10 posts to be "accepted" like some of the other sites i've seen,this is where it's all happening!enjoy your ski!

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