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    750 SX Free mods

    Just picked up a mint 92 750 sx last fri. it has a factory pipe, ocean pro plate, wesctoast grate, ocean pro filter, quick steer, aftermarket bars, and umi finger throttle. he said there is an impellar in it but couldnt remeber the pitch. this thing is cherry and i got her for 1000 bucks.

    What free mods do you guys recommend? and i was told the 650 and 750 jugs are the same and my mariner head on my 650 would fit my 750.


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    There isn't really much more you can do with all the aftermarket parts on that ski. Pretty well all the free mods consist of modding the parts already replaced on your ski. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is to polish the exhaust ports and port match them from the sleeves into the cylinders. I'm not sure about the interchangeable part of it though. You can check into some work I recently did to my 650SX, it's the link in my signature, it might give you a few ideas but I think you have it all for the most part.

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    Stick a angled piece of wood at the back of both bond rails to cut down the drag. cheap mod and will see a little gain in top speed...

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