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    Thanks to Keddano and K447 (and GH of course)

    I just wanted to publicly thank Keddano and K447 for all the time and effort they put into the site and helping everyone out.

    I realize there are many others that make this site what it is and their contributions are also appreciated, but I wanted to specifically call these 2 guys out.

    in the 20 years I have been on the Internet, this is the first time I have had anyone selflessly help me out on something I know absolutely nothing about.

    usually I am the guy having to do that...I have a video game site with 28,000 people having come through the last 5 years, so I personally know the terror of having the same newb questions thrown at you day after day. I feel the pain, and appreciate the help.

    here I am a few weeks after having registered here, and I now know how to rebuild carbs, what part of a 2 stroke engine does what, and I am about to tear apart the pump.

    before a few weeks ago, I had never even changed the oil or spark plugs in my car, much less considered getting my hands dirty (the horror!), and I am 38.

    so yeah, huge thanks guys, you are much appreciated!


    Jason Cain Cross
    Davenport, IA

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