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    '05 RXT with a "engine that went out and the computer along with it"-What's it worth?

    What is something like this worth and how much work is it to get running? She claims that "a flywheel came off and damaged the engine" and when I asked how many hours it had, she "had no idea because the computer went out along with the engine." She's asking $4k, but that is high since an engine from SBT is like $2200. Not sure on what the "computer problem" could be. When I asked what the extent of the engine damage was, she of course "really has no idea."

    Should I even bother with this? She claims it is in excellent condition otherwise. Of course, I can't take her word for it based on previous experiences.

    I've been emailing back and forth with her and now she says that her husband says " there is nothing wrong with the computer its just not working right now because the engine isn't working." Which doesn't really make sense to me. I've asked her a couple of times if she had it checked by a mechanic or did the diagnosis herself, and either dodged the question or forgot to answer it in her reply.

    It also comes with trailer and cover.

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    It's not worth more than $3000, based on what I've seen.

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    Post a link here and some will bombard "her" with questions that cannot be unanswered incorrectly - if it is really a "her"... Ron

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    SBT is new at those and I doubt the parts that are damaged will be what SBT rebuilds. There were issues with some bolts backing out on the flywheels and eating the stator and flywheel and possibly the cover and associated parts. Sounds like a crap shoot you dont know what your getting into and if the right parts are damaged you could end up with a nice planter I guess the way to doit is talk to the service manager at the shop she took it too and see what he has to say before you buy.

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    Interesting. Thanks guys. I was planning on doing the work myself, but I think it probably will be more than I anticipate. It is also like 70 miles away from me, so I don't really wanna drive down there to find a hole in the hull and it sitting back in the woods somewhere.

    I didn't even think about it damaging parts that SBT doesn't rebuild, that's a great tip. I have asked her a couple of times who did the diagnosis and how they know it's a bad motor, but she's either dodging the question or forgetting to answer it in her replies.

    I told her I would guess that I would probably offer $1200-1500, site unseen. Seems to me like people pick up broken skis for a few hundred dollars all the time, although these are older. I pretty much just offered what I thought would work out for me doing all the work myself and buying the parts to make it worth it. I've seen a few of these skis that presumably run go in the $5500 range on eBay.

    I'm finding this buying a used ski thing pretty frustrating honestly. Nobody really wants to answer your questions and just expects you to hand the cash over, almost like they're doing you a favor.

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