LB2CAT 2009 National PWC Offshore Championships
SoCal Rider Tommy Kolleck charges on his first LB2CAT race!

Age 31

Race Boat Make/# KAWASAKI ULTRA 250 X #777


Time for the race: GPS SAID 1HR 17MIN 13 SECS

Placing for the Race 26TH

Why did you choose the class you raced in and what does it mean to you?
This was my first race and due to some hull work that was not exactly factory spec I raced the next class up instead of manufacture stock

Your position as best you could determine on the start?
Top 10

What did you do the day before, any preparation?
Changed oil in ski checked all my equipment

What were you thinking of the night before?
Excited. I didn’t think much until race day

Why did you choose the boat you raced?
I never planned on racing when I bought it. It was the most Horsepower I could find at the time and I bought it. Then it turned out to be the best boat for offshore riding so I lucked out LOL

What time did you wake up!
2am then 4am

2 Hours out of the race, what were you doing?
Finished washing skis drinking water returning skis to storage

1 Hour out of the race what were you doing?
Putting ski on trailer wateing in line for wash out, drinking water

What was your first thought when you picked your position in the lineup for the start?
I was looking for a nice straight shot to the break wall but got caught off guard sitting out there for 10 minutes waiting for the race to start. So I wound up further back than I wanted to at the start which resulted in getting pinched at the start and a lot of bad water. Contiuned to look for clean water.

As the start went off, and you passed the Queens Gate (harbor mouth) What was going through your mind?
Look for clean water! And where the heck are those other guys going because it wasn't towards Avalon!

How was the first 10 miles of the race for you?
Usally takes me that long for legs to settle in and to feel one with the ski. But other then that like a normal run to Catalina.

When you came to the turnaround boat, how were you feeling? How was your boat doing in those conditions?
It was pretty flat so easy conditions for the boat. I was feeling pretty good. I said to myself 'round 2 here we go' as in every other training run there had always been a stop in Avalon not this time. Sipped some water made sure the scorekeepers got my # and away I went trying to catch up.

Half Way back did you hit a psychological or physical wall?
I was feeling a little tired, sipped some more water sucked it up and pressed on.

Any mechanicals failures?
None thankfully

Did you have any 'Battles' during the race with other competitors you especially enjoyed?
Dodged a bird and a sealion that was interesting LOL

What advice would you give to recruit other racers to this event?
Practice practice practice make sure you have all the correct gear and again practice practice practice!