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    Egmont key beach bash july 25th!

    Hey Everyone,

    For those of you who do not know about this yet. The trip starts in the manatee river with everyone meeting up at desoto park(manatee river's desoto) around 11 a.m. and we cruise the bay to Bean point, then across to passage key and last Egmont. There is food drinks and music all day and at some point we will fire up the grill. touring the island. and some where in the middle of all this we will take a trip around Egmont and Ft. Desoto on the ski's.... Boats,Yachts,ski's and pontoons are all welcome to join in.

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    Sounds like a great ride. Is that in the Tampa area?

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    Yes where is it sounds like Sarastoa, Bradenton area.

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    yea, is bradenton holmes beach area...if you google egmont key it will show you everything. people from as far from sarasota to ft. desoto will be joining.

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