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    slow vx cruiser during break in

    hey guys just bought a 2009 vx cruiser and was wondering is it normal for ski to run slower than normal during break in? I took it out today going by manuel guidelines for break in and notice the ski only did about 9 mph at 2500 rpms. When it hit the 30 min mark on hour meter it shot up to about 25 mph. Is this normal or is something wrong? Am I doing something wrong?

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    was your ski up on top of the water? i know that mine at about 8mph its still inthe water trying to jump up out, an itll run what seems to be high rpms untill you get it up on plane

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    yes it was. It come alive on top of the water now that I think about it. Still have not got through break in period so I guess I'm just a little paranoid. Lot of money invested. thank you

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    Idle is 1600 rpm, at 2500 you are still pushing the water not on a plane.

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